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I didn’t have much time on my hands in january. Obviously – as someone can tell from my low posting-frequency.  So much to do, so little time. Always work and no play makes… well you know.

Yeah, it’s 1.feb in just a few hours. Time for the sound of this month, eh?

No, i don’t know why there is the cover of interpol’s mammoth in the background. I also can’t tell you why the video is much longer than the music itself. Someone reeeeaaalllyyy must like that cover.

Anyways. Song’s name is just pornography (for m.e.). It’s from Cut City’s outrageous good debut album exit decades. Oh baby does this album rule your socks off. Yeah it does. And no it’s not about porn. Well mostly. thehehee.

I gotta go back to work. Ah crap… really need a new script.

This world’s a way
Of letting you feel you’re smart and funny
But you emptied your wit’s barrel
The corridor’s getting narrow
And the drugs can’t even get you out of bed

Your life’s just pornography
Recited from bad scripts
You’re in the dark searching for exit signs
When someone said it’s beyond even me to change this


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