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So you may ask yourself: Dude, what has this guy been up to the last six months.

Well, dude. I guess you just wouldn’t ask yourself that kind of stuff (go figure); Anyway I am glad you asked. A lot has happened, alas again. I’ve been to the Philippines for 3 weeks in April and it has been a wild ride. For the first time in my life I had the chance to see what it’s like to live in squatters. And I had to think about this alot. How I think that life is unfair sometimes. Me, living his nice and comfy life in Germany. Hell, what kind of an asshole am I, to sometimes fall into self-pity. Really. Just shut up, Chris. Idiot.

We as a group of germans have been working primarily with kids and teens there, in TayTay, Floodway, Manila. And those 3 weeks gave me so much to think about. How I complain. Who I am. Who we are. We silly germans. Back here I had a hard time to adjust to this weird and crazy german life again. Funny. Only being away for such a short period of time. Life in a western country is so self centered. We strive for success. For money and all that shit. And still we have those sad faces. Driving our big cars. Sad faces. Sitting in our living rooms watching TV on our High Definition LCD’s. Sad faces. Buying stuff we don’t really need with all that money we have. Sad faces.  Surfing the internet. Sad faces. We are alone. Alone in this country of 82 million. Prisoners of our own life, our own success, our own ambitions. Because that is how we roll.

On the other side of the world people that have close to nothing; or really nothing. Period. Daily confronted with child abuse, drugs, prostitution, no healthcare, no jobs, no future, no nothing. And smiling faces. No money to buy enough food. And a smile. Not knowing what tomorrow brings. And a smile. Maybe a sad smile sometimes. But still a smile. And an open heart. You are never alone in Manila. Always surrounded by friends & family. Because those are the most important things. And in that moment you realize that all that money, the wealth… It’s not our salvation. It’s the last nail in our cross. Our addiction. Our guilt. Our doom. Our end.

I’m writing this in Germany and I’m back in capitalism city. Writing on my PC, sitting in my comfy chair, drinking a Beck’s. I’m back in capitalism-tinseltown, back in the “winning” team. And nothing much has changed here.

But I now really know what will make me happy. And what wont. And there are about 100 other things I could write here, because inside me so many things HAVE changed and WILL change. And I’m happy. Pretty damn happy. We, the good guys will win. Maybe I’ll still complain about trivial matters sometimes. But deep inside a calm voice says: Chris, this doesn’t matter. Everything is ok. Everything is good now.

Manila, I love you! You crazy, filthy, gruesome, stunning, wonderful city. I miss you people of the Philippines! But we will meet again next life. Because God has many people in this city. And that is how we roll.


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