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Dear Santa,

I have been truly a nice little boy so far this year. So now I think that it is time that you fulfill your side of the agreement. Santa Claus is coming. Yeah it’s christmas soon. So here is the list of my requests:

First, heck I need a netbook. The Lenovo S10 looks good. It’s not available at this time in germany. But you are Santa, you will find a way. I’m optimistic here. And if not you better find an adequate alternative. A 12″ Thinkpad X at least! And I need a new camera. The RED Scarlet will be nice for sure. Well the final facts on this little beauty will be out in a few days. But I don’t think RED will do bad. My HDV Camera is already nearly a year old – outrageous. I need some new crap to toy around. And if you’re already on it… why not pray for an exploding AMD stock quotation. I know you can make it happen. Yes, you can.Santa - coming to a place near you 24th-26th december.

And by the way; I saw a nice Porsche Boxster today. You know it wouldn’t hurt to drive one of these. Oil price is sinking. Gasoline gets cheap. A Porsche is a definite upgrade over my current vehicle. But only in black please. Don’t bother me with any other color. Especially not a white one. You can shove this one into your ass. And finally.. not to make a bad impression. I’m not all that materialistic. No really. Why not eliminate world hunger and take care of universal peace?

Oh that would’t be asked too much, would it? Maybe I will be nice boy next year as well. Promise. So get off your lazy ass and see to it, he?

P.S.: If those six claims wishes are excessive, don’t bother about the last two too much.


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