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Today Apple, the company that brought you the iPhone, iPad, iPod and the Mactini, admited that reception of their recent iPhone 4 just plainly sucks. Steve Jobs was furious about the fact that just yesterday, when he was calling his wife, he lost connection. An incident which led to a marriage crisis, after Jobs faied to convince his wife Heidi that his iPhone indeed really, really, really lost connection. Friends of Heidi claim Heidi thinks “Steve is just a lying bastard”, telling her of some “antenna problems” when in reality Jobs was having “intercourse with at least three groupies” at the same time. Moreover she is furious about him listening to Justin Bieber’s critically acclaimed song “Baby” on his fancy iPod nano when she called him, while Jobs slipped in his protective case, sources claim.

On the conference today Jobs seemed pretty much heart-broken. He could not stop telling the audience that “yeah the antenna really sucks and we knew it all the time”. But “one last thing” presented the iPhone 5 with a much improved design, hoping to save his marriage and the company.

the iphone 5 with new antenna


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